Sending Test Emails

Why send test emails? 

Sending test emails is a good way to check what the campaign emails will look like when the emails are sent to prospects. 
Note:  Sending test emails will ignore the wait steps. So all email steps will be sent in one go.

How to send test emails? 

View the Campaign you want to send test emails from and make sure an inbox is set for the campaign.

Click "Review".

After that, select a prospect to use for testing: 

Note:  The test email will not be sent to the prospect selected. Selecting a prospect will allow users to see how the email will look for a specific prospect when using attributes.
Finally, select which email address you prefer sending the test email and hit 'Send Campaign'.

Note: Selecting 'to myself' when sending a test email will send the test emails to the email address you're using to log in.