Creating & Using Prospect Tags

Why use tags?

Tags are useful to categorize prospects.
By tagging prospects, you can also quickly search for specific prospects using Advanced Filters.
Tags can also be used as quick filters when searching for specific prospects.  

How to create Tags?

To create a tag, just head to the Prospects page. From the Prospects page, click tags and Create New Tag.

Then, add the tag name and click Create Tag.

Pro-tip: A prospect can have multiple tags and you can also filter specific prospects by combining tags.

How to apply Tags to Prospects?

There are 2 ways to apply tags to prospects.

Manually applying tags

To manually tag a prospect, go to the Prospect list -> search for the prospect -> Click Preview.
After clicking Preview, the prospect's profile window will appear. Under tags, click all the tags that you want to apply to the prospect.
In this example, the prospect belongs to a sales department in a hospitality company in California.

Bulk-applying tags by an import

When importing prospects, tags can also be applied in bulk.
To get started, make sure that the CSV has columns for tags.After creating the columns for tags, put any value (like x) on the row of the prospects that must be tagged.   
Leaving a row blank means the Tag won't be applied.
Here's an example of a CSV with columns for Tags.

Here's a screen recording of how to map the CSV tag columns with the tags in QuickMail to apply tags to the prospects.

Note: If the prospects that will be imported are already in the Prospect list, make sure to check the checkbox "Update Prospect if Exist." This is so that the tags will be applied to the prospects.

To learn more about how to filter prospects with specific tags, here's a detailed article on how to use the advanced filters --Filtering Prospects