Using To-Dos (Legacy Users)


Replies can easily be managed on the To-Dos page in QuickMail. From the To-Dos, users can view, add a label, and reply to replies.

How do replies work in QuickMail? 

We scan all folders in the inbox except for the Sent folders. We scan the inbox for prospects' replies every 10-20 minutes. So, reply detection may not be real-time at all times. 

When a reply is detected, it will automatically be added to the To-Dos page. Additionally, the journey of the prospect who replied will automatically be marked as 'Replied' and follow-up emails will no longer be sent.

Note: We scan all folders in the inbox except for the Sent folders. 

How to view replies? 

To view replies in QuickMail, go to To-Dos →  Open a 'Reply'

How to reply to a reply? 

To reply to a reply in QuickMail, go to To-Dos →  Open a 'Reply' →  Scroll down →  Type in your reply →  Send Reply 

How to add a label to a reply? 

To add a label to a reply, go to To-Dos →  Open a 'Reply' →  click on a Sentiment or add a label

To know more about managing replies using Labels, check this guide: Labels

How to prevent replies from showing in the To-Dos? 

There may be cases where seeing replies in the To-Dos is either not useful, or it would be preferable for the entire team not to be able to see Replies in Shared inboxes.
To stop Replies from being added to the To-Dos section, head to Settings →  Inboxes →  Select an Inbox →  Receiving →  uncheck the box for 'Add replies detected in this inbox to the To-Dos in QuickMail'

How to view archived replies? 

To find archived To-Dos, go to To-Dos →  Advanced Filter →  To-Dos tab →  add the date under 'Todo completed after or before' →  Apply Filters