Re-authenticating Inboxes

QuickMail loses permission to your inbox due to a password change in the email account, cancellation of the account, or a security check by the email provider (which may happen to newly set up email accounts).

When this happens, no emails can be sent out from the inbox. This also means that replies and bounces will not be detected until the inbox has been re-authenticated.

How to know if an inbox lost authentication?

If QuickMail loses permission to your inbox, you will receive an email notification stating which inbox is affected.

Note: The email notification will be sent to both the admin and the owner of the inbox (as well as to the email address of the inbox).

Here's an example of an email notification, stating that permission to an inbox is lost.

How to re-authenticate inboxes? 

To continue sending emails from an inbox and for the bounces and replies to be tracked, the inbox must be re-authenticated.

1. Gmail or Outlook Inbox

To re-authenticate a Gmail or Outlook, head to Settings -> Inboxes -> click the inbox.

If you have access to the inbox

If you have access to the inbox, you can re-authenticate the inbox by clicking Continue with Google from the General Settings of the inbox.

If you don't have access to the inbox 

If the inbox that needs to be re-authenticated is owned by another person (eg. a client inbox),  click the Get shareable link to re-authenticate.

An invite link window will pop up, click Copy link to clipboard and send the link to the inbox owner.

Once the inbox owner goes to the link, they will be asked to sign in with Google to re-authenticate the inbox.

Once the inbox has been re-authenticated, an email will be sent to the admin of the account who generated the invite link.

Once the inbox has been re-authenticated, the red highlight will disappear. 

Note: Once the disconnected inbox has been re-authenticated, all pending emails will send immediately, so if the inbox has been paused for quite a while, we recommend pausing the active campaigns first.

2. Custom Inboxes

To re-authenticate a custom, head to Settings -> Inboxes -> click the inbox.