Reengaging Prospects

Why Re-engage prospects?

There are instances when prospects were receptive to your previous campaigns, however, the deal was not sealed because of different factors.

In such a case, you can re-engage those prospects to remind them of the offer or pitch to them a different proposal that suits them better.

When prospects opened your email multiple times but didn't reply or unsubscribe, it could be that the prospect is interested in your emails but for some reason, didn't find any time to respond.

In this case, you can also re-engage them to turn them into hot leads.

How to Re-engage Prospects?

Step 1: Create a new bucket

Creating a bucket will allow you to consolidate in one place, the prospects that you're going to re-add to the campaign. Using Bucket, along with Schedules, will also help you control how many prospects must be contacted in specific schedules.

When creating a bucket, make sure not to check the checkbox "Reject prospects who already ran a campaign." Otherwise, the prospects to be re-engaged will not be added to the bucket.

Step 2: Filtering prospects 

You can determine which prospects to reengage by filtering prospects based on the campaign(s) and journeys.
To do that, you can go to the Prospect list and click the Advanced filter.

From the advanced filter, go to the Campaigns tab and under Has started ANY of the following Campaigns, 
click the campaigns where the prospects are. 

Pro tip: You can select multiple campaigns if needed.

In this example, I am filtering prospects that are in the campaigns Outreach 2020 - August and Cold email - September 2020.

Next, to filter prospects who have replied to any of the campaigns you specified, just head to the Journeys tab and click Replied under the Journey status.
If the goal is to contact all prospects who didn't reply and unsubscribe but opened an email multiple times, you can narrow down the filters by putting a minimum number of opens and a minimum number of replies. 
Then, you can click the journey status completed. This is so you can avoid re-engaging prospects that have unsubscribed or booked from the campaign. 
In this example, I am filtering prospects that have opened an email 5 times but didn't reply and completed the journey.

You can narrow down your search further by adding more filters.
For a more detailed guide on how to use the Advanced filters, check out this article -- Filtering Prospects

Step 3: Move the filtered prospects to the Bucket

To move all filtered prospects to the bucket you created for re-engaging the prospects, simply select the prospects -> click Select button -> click All pages -> Actions -> Move to Bucket. 

Step 4: Schedule your campaign using the Bucket

To schedule a campaign, simply head to the campaign -> Schedules -> Add schedules.

Pro tip: If the goal is to use the same campaign but only tweak it a little, it is better to clone the campaign and edit the email steps than build your campaign from scratch. This way, you can save time and effort. 

Here's a helpful guide on cloning a campaign --How to clone a campaign.