Troubleshooting: My emails are bouncing

When you get a bounce due to spam, the bounce email will look something like this:
Note that it's not possible to totally avoid bounce emails completely because every server uses it's own way to qualify emails as spam. So a small number is perfectly normal to have (e.g. 1%).
If you think the volume of bounce email is too high, you can report it to us and we'll investigate.
To investigate, we need 2 things from you:
1.  Forward the bounce email to with a small note telling us that you have email bouncing
2.  Search in your send folder and find the message **you sent to that person**, click show original (like on the screenshot below). This will open a new window with the content of the email with technical information we’ll need. Copy the entire text and send it to
Services to check if your domain or IP is in a spamlist:  
–  MxTools

–  View DNS info