Setting Send Times with Time Tables

Timetables (Sending Times)

Time Tables is a feature in QuickMail that allows control over the time of day and week when a Campaign can send emails.
For example, if messages are only to be sent during business hours, a Time Table will allow that to happen.

How to Create a Time Table

Head to Campaigns -> Time Tables, and use the Create New Time Table button

On the next page, give the Time Table a name, the Time Zone it should use, the time(s) of day, and the days of the week that it will allow Steps to execute.
To choose the time(s) of day, simply click and drag along the timeline.
Click the blue Create New Time Table button, and it will save.

How to apply a Time Table to a Campaign

To select a Time Table to control a Campaign, head to the Settings section of the Campaign, and use the Time Table dropdown.