Assigning a Prospect's Company on Import


Companies in QuickMail are a way of associating Prospects together, as well as an Attribute that can be used in Email Steps.

How to assign a Company to a Prospect on Import

On Import, if there's a Company column in the file that's being used, simply ensure it's assigned to the Company Name field:
If no Company Name is available, QuickMail will assign Prospects a Company based on the domain in their email address. For example, if a Prospect's email address is "," QuickMail will assign them to the Company "Business."

How to manually create a Company and add Prospects

Imports will create Companies on their own. However, Companies can also be manually created!
Head to Prospects > Companies, and click Add Company:
On the screen that pops up, enter the Company Name, and optionally, the domain that is associated with Prospects from that Company:
After that, click on the Company, and use the Add Prospects field to search for a Prospect you'd like to add to that Company. Select them, and they'll be added!