Integrating Google Drive to Import Prospects

Google Drive

QuickMail allows for linking one or more Google Drive accounts, for Importing Prospects using Google Sheets.

How to connect a Google Drive to an Account

Head to Settings, and then click on the Drive section. The option to add a Google Drive is there:
After that's been done, the Drive will be visible on that page, and the option to add additional Google Drive accounts is there:
After that, head to the Prospect List, and Google Sheets will be an option to Import Prospects from. 

How to connect a Google Drive to an Agency

If you have multiple QuickMail accounts in an Agency in QuickMail, it's possible to link a Google Drive account at the Organization level, so that all Accounts will have access to the Sheets.
Head to the Settings section of the Organization, and the option to add a Drive is there:
Then, all accounts in the Organization will be able to import Sheets from that drive!

Disconnecting a Google Drive account

If you'd like to disconnect a Google Drive account from QuickMail, just give us a shout! We'll be able to take care of that for you on our end.