Using {{=day}} and {{=bday}} Attributes

The '{{=day}}' attribute can be used to mention the current day of the week in the email body or subject line.

Example:  An email containing “How are you this fine '{{=day}}'?” will transform to “How are you this fine Tuesday?” if the email was sent out on Tuesday. 
Here's the day it will inform to
The '{{=bday}}' on the other hand, transforms to the current business day. 
Business days are currently defined as weekdays (all the days of the week except for Saturdays and Sundays). 

Note: Offsets can be added to '{{=day}}' and '{{=bday}}' to transform to the day after a specific number of

Example: An email containing “Can we set a meeting on '{{=day+2}}?'” will transform to “Can we set a meeting on Friday?” if the email was sent on Wednesday. 
However, when using '{{=bday+2}}', Saturday and Sunday will be skipped - meaning the '{{=bday+2}}' attribute will transform to “Monday” if the email was sent on a Thursday.