Sending with SendGrid's SMTP

Setting up QuickMail to send emails via SendGrid means emails will be sent out from SendGrid's SMTP service instead of the email account's default sending service. 

Following these steps will ensure better deliverability and will keep the email reputation safe from risks brought by sending bounced emails. 

Generating an API Key to use for SMTP Credentials

To get started, log in to your SendGrid account.

Then, click the dropdown beside Email API and click Integration Guide. 
From the setup method, choose SMTP relay.

Next, generate the API key by adding the API Key Name and clicking Create Key.

This is how it should look like after generating the API key.

Updating the custom SMTP in QuickMail

After generating the API key in SendGrid, go to your QuickMail account.
Then, head to the inbox settings and click the inbox where SendGrid's custom SMTP must be used.

From your inbox settings, scroll down to the end of the page and you should see SMTP settings.

Just enter SendGrid's address ( and port number (587).
The username is "apikey" and the password must be the password generated.

Next, click test sending in the SMTP settings.

If the configuration is correct in QuickMail, click I've updated my settings and Verify Integration in SendGrid.


Finally, click Verify integration in SendGrid to see if it's going to work.

Whitelabeling your domain

Authenticating the emails sent out from SendGrid will help with email deliverability. 
Setting up SPF and DKIM records in the domain's control panel will improve email deliverability and will remove the "via SendGrid" text in the emails sent out from SendGrid's SMTP.
More information on how to set up SPF and DKIM records here:

Forwarding Bounced Emails from SendGrid

By default, SendGrid does not send bounce reports to the inbox of the address that emails are sent from. 
That means follow-ups may get sent to bounced prospects (which is not ideal). 
For that reason, bounce forwarding needs to be set up in SendGrid so that Quickmail can detect the bounces and stop the follow-ups on bounced prospects. 
While logged in to the SendGrid account, go to Settings > Mail Settings > Enable Forward Bounce > click the check mark to confirm.