Assigning Multiple Senders (Inbox Rotation)

Why rotate inboxes?

Inboxes are rotated if there are multiple team members who need to send the campaign.
Inbox rotation is also set up to increase the number of emails being sent from a campaign.This is because the volume of emails coming from a campaign will be spread out to the inboxes assigned to it.

How to set it up?

If multiple inboxes are already added to the account, just go to the Campaign Inboxes. From the Campaign Inboxes, select all the inboxes you want the campaign to send from.

Note: For a detailed guide on how to add an inbox for sending, here's the article --How to Add an Inbox for Sending

For a detailed guide on how to increase the number of inboxes in the plan, here's the article --How to Add Additional Inboxes

How does it work?

When a prospect starts their journey, QuickMail will randomly choose which inbox the journey will be assigned. The inbox that is used to send the initial email will be the same inbox that will send all the follow-up emails in the campaign.

Pro tip: To personalize emails based on the inbox they are sent from, you can use Inbox Specific Attributes.

Matching Prospect Email Provider

Each inbox assigned to the campaign can be set to match the prospect's email provider whenever possible for an increase in email deliverability. In cases where provider matching isn't possible, the journey will be automatically assigned to a different campaign inbox.