Integrating Twilio with QuickMail (SMS)

SMS Steps in a Campaign with Twilio

In addition to Email Steps in a Campaign, QuickMail can send SMS messages via a service called Twilio


First up, head to Twilio and create a new account.
Head to the Twilio Dashboard and there are 3 bits of information you'll need to bring over into QuickMail. The  Twilio Account SID, Twilio Auth Token and  Twilio phone number.
Then, in QuickMail, head to Settings > Add-Ons, and scroll down a bit, and enter that data in the SMS with Twilio section.

Associating a phone number with Prospects in QuickMail

All phone numbers associated with Prospects need to be in E.164 Formatting. That formatting is `+` followed by the Country Code, followed by the number. So, for example, if it's a US-based number of (555) 123-4567, in E.164, in QuickMail, it'll need to be: `+15551234567`
More information on E.164 can be found on Twilio's page here.
Prospect phone numbers, in that format, can either be added via a Google Sheets/CSV import, or manually added.

Adding an SMS Step to a Campaign

When creating Steps in a Campaign there's an option to include a include an SMS step:
From there, you can enter the text of the SMS message, along with any Attributes for personalization:

Replies to SMS messages

When a Prospect replies to an SMS Step, it's visible in the Programmable SMS Dashboard in Twilio.
After receiving the reply, you may want to manually cancel the Journey to stop Follow-Up Steps