Creating an Email Variation

Why use email variations?

There are 2 benefits to using email variations.

First, email variations provide a way to improve your reply rate, because having multiple email variations allows for A/B testing.

A/B testing can help you determine which email, among all your email copies, has the best reply rate.  

Email variations can help with deliverability, too.
If your emails have variations, it makes it harder for spam filters to block you.

What are email variations?

Email variations allow you to create multiple email copies in a single email step.

How to add an email variation?

To add a variation to an email step, just click the triple-dot icon on the top-right side of the email step and click Add Variation.
After clicking Add Variation, a new blank email step will appear. 
Fill out the email subject and body with the new variation and click Create Step.
You can create as many email variations as you need.

Can I choose which variation to send to a prospect?

By default, you can't choose which variation a prospect will receive.
If a prospect's journey goes into an email step that has variations, QuickMail will randomly pick which variation to send. 

Pro tip: You can set up Conditions to control which email variation will send to a prospect.

Does each variation have an equal chance of getting sent?

Each variation has an equal chance of getting sent to prospects. 

As you start your campaign, you might notice that the number of prospects that are receiving each variation is not equal.

However, as you scale up the campaign, these numbers will eventually even out.

Pro tip: To use email variations as a way to A/B test multiple email copies, check out this article --A/B Testing.

How to see stats per email variation? 

By clicking each email variation, you can see the open, click, reply, and unsubscribe rates of the variation. 

The stats also show the number of prospects the variation has been sent to.

These stats will help you determine which email copy is the most effective.

On the other hand, to export the statistics of each email step variation and see how well the variations do, go to the Organization's Dashboard and under 'Reports', click 'Download campaign detailed stats'. 

The exported CSV provides detailed statistics of the step variations of each campaign within the Agency account. 

However, note that it only stores variations data from the past 14 days. 

This will provide you with a detailed CSV file that contains all step variations data from all campaigns in the past 14-days.