Adding a Custom Inbox

What is a Custom Inbox?

A Custom Inbox in QuickMail refers to any email account that is neither hosted on Gsuite nor Outlook. 
These email accounts can be used with QuickMail to send emails and monitor replies. 

Here are some of the most common custom inboxes that are being added to Quickmail.

Zoho mail -
Amazon Workmail -
Fastmail -

QuickMail can support any email service as long as the SMTP and IMAP access can be granted by the email account to be added. 

SMTP access is what allows QuickMail to send emails from the email account. 
IMAP access is what allows QuickMail to check the emails in the email account for reply and bounce detection.

The SMTP and IMAP credentials can be normally obtained from the Settings page of the email provider.
You can also check your email service's help page or support if you can't locate them.

Example (using Zoho Mail):

How to add a Custom Inbox

Go to Settings -> Inboxes -> Add Inbox -> Choose the custom inbox option.

Fill out the SMTP and IMAP fields obtained from your email service provider, 
click 'Test sending' and 'Test receiving' buttons to check if the configurations are correct. 

Once it's confirmed that configurations are correct, click 'Add Inbox'.

That's it! The email account should now be added as a custom inbox and can now be used to send emails. 


Q: The IMAP is getting an error when I click 'Test Receiving'. 

A: Make sure that Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is disabled in your email account. 
If it's already disabled, try re-entering the IMAP password and try clicking 'Test receiving' again.

Q: The inbox suddenly stopped sending emails. What should I do?

A: Check the inbox and see if it's red. If it is, go to the Inbox settings and click 'Test Sending' and 'Test Receiving'. If both configurations are still correct, you should be able to send out emails again. 

Q: I'm getting a server certificate error, what should I do?

A: Usually, if the error is related to the server certificate, it could be related to the port being used when setting up the SMTP.
For example, if you're using 465, you can change it to 587 or vice versa.

It could also be that the server address is incorrect.

To make sure that you're using the correct port and server address, please check them with your email service provider.
You can either search their help articles for correct SMTP configuration settings or contact their support.

Here's an example of the correct SMTP configuration settings from Zoho:

Note: The configuration varies per email service provider.
Because of this, Zoho's configuration settings are different from others.

If neither of those two does the trick, it could be that the SMTP server doesn't support a TLS connection.
Since we only support TLS, SMTP servers that don't support it can't be added to QuickMail.

If the email service provider doesn't support TLS, it would be better to create a different email account using a different email service provider.
It's easier to connect an Outlook or Gsuite inbox to QuickMail.

If they support TLS and it's still not working in QuickMail, please contact the email service provider's support to check what could be causing the error.

Q: My custom inbox keeps losing permission, why is that so?

A: When an inbox loses permission, a notification will be sent to your email address.
This notification includes the reason for the inbox losing permission under details.

Copy that and send it to so we can check the issue further.