Adding BCC to Emails by Account or Inbox

What is it for?

BCC emails (blind carbon copy) allow users to send copies of all outgoing emails from an inbox or the entire account to another address. 

Some users use the BCC field to send copies of their emails to a CRM address (like SalesForce or Hubspot) 

so that they can automatically log all the emails they are sending out.

Careful: Setting an address that is added as an inbox in QuickMail as BCC will cause sent emails to be detected as campaign replies. This can cause all journeys to be marked as replied.

How to set up BCC Email:

There are 2 levels where BCC emails can work. 

The account level BCC field will send all outgoing emails from any inbox in the account to the BCC'ed email address. 

The inbox level BCC overrides the account level BCC and will only apply to the particular inbox. 

This can be useful for accounts with multiple inboxes but not all should send BCC.

Or if the user wants a different BCC address to send to for one of the multiple inboxes.

At the Account level   

Go to Settings -> Inboxes -> Fill out the "BCC Email" field:

At the Inbox level 

Go to Settings -> Inboxes -> Click the inbox you want to have a unique BCC email address to send to

-> Fill out "BCC all emails going out using this inbox to another email address"