Why Replies are not getting detected

How does Reply detection work?

QuickMail can detect replies that are sent to any inbox added to the account.  Every hour, QuickMail automatically scans the email accounts' inboxes for Replies, Out-of-Office, and Bounce notifications.

So as long as the replies are kept in the inbox of the email account, QuickMail should be able to detect replies with no problem.  Archiving emails and adding them to another folder should be fine too. 

All folders except Sent Items are scanned for replies by QuickMail -  Moving sent emails to a different folder may cause them to be detected as replies.

A prospect's journey will be marked 'replied' when a reply is detected and will cancel future steps automatically.

You can check this article for information on how the reply detection works in QuickMail - How Reply Detection Works


If reply detection is not working, there could be a number of possible reasons behind that.

First, make sure that the replies are in the inbox used for the account.  After that, check if no replies are getting detected or only some replies are not detected

No Replies Are Getting Detected

If no replies are getting detected, then it's most likely a problem with the email account or inbox set up.  Check the inbox in the account to see if it's still properly connected. 

Go to Settings -> Inboxes -> click the Inbox where replies are not getting detected and make sure "Check Inbox" is enabled: 

For Gmail and Outlook inboxes:

Check Settings -> Inbox and check if the inbox/es are not in red. If the inboxes are in red, that means the inbox lost permission and only needs to be re-authenticated to fix the problem. Here's how to re-authenticate inboxes - Re-authenticating Inboxes

For Custom Inboxes: 

Check the IMAP settings for the custom inbox and click "Test Receiving".  If the IMAP configuration is correct, you should see "Your configuration is correct" message. 

Once the inbox has been reauthenticated, you can click "Check Replies Now" and check if the replies are detected. 

Some Replies Are Not Detected

Check if the reply came from the same email address that the prospect has on your list.  Normally, QuickMail can detect replies that are sent from another email address as long as the reply is in the same email thread. 

QuickMail achieves that by tracking the email sent to the prospect - so even if the prospect responds using another email account, QuickMail will still associate the reply to the correct prospect.

However, there are rare cases where the recipient's email service stripped the tracking codes and QuickMail has no way of telling who to mark as "replied".

For those rare cases, you can cancel the prospects' journeys manually to stop the campaign on the prospect.