Deleting an Inbox

When to remove inboxes?

To be able to decrease the number of inboxes in the plan, inboxes are removed.
Inboxes are also removed when the team is downsizing and some of the team members are leaving.
Additionally, inboxes are also removed when the inboxes are trashed due to deliverability issues.

How to delete inboxes?

To delete an inbox, just head to Settings -> Inboxes -> click the inbox you want to delete.

Once on the inbox settings, scroll down to the end of the page and press Delete this inbox.

Careful: Deleting an inbox will prevent journeys using the inbox to continue.
The replies to that inbox will also be deleted in QuickMail.
Further replies won't be detected as well.

Deleting an inbox cannot be undone. 

How to decrease the number of inboxes in the plan?

Once the other inboxes on the account have been removed, then the inbox quantity in the plan can be changed.
To decrease the number of inboxes in the plan, just head to Settings.
From the Settings, go to Billing/Plan and click Modify.

After clicking Modify, change the number of inboxes by clicking the minus (-) sign.

After modifying the number of inboxes, click Update Subscription Now.

Note: The change in the inbox quantity is immediate. Upon decreasing the inbox quantity, you will receive a pro-rated credit.
The pro-rated credit is for the remaining days of the billing cycle that the inbox is removed.