Troubleshooting: How to avoid false opens and clicks

Why add Tracking Delay to emails?

Sometimes, bots and email security measures (such as spam checks) can trigger open and click events immediately after an email has been sent out. Those events are what we call "false positives" and does not reflect real prospect activities.  

To prevent false positives from being counted in the stats, Tracking Delay adds a delay after sending an email before tracking opens, clicks, and unsubscribes for that email.  Thus making click and open tracking more accurate and reliable. 

How to add Tracking Delay to emails

In your QuickMail account, go to Settings -> General -> Adjust the "Tracking Delay in seconds"

Tip: We recommend putting in 3 seconds for the tracking delay for the most accurate results.

The delay can be adjusted from 0 to 600 seconds and will apply to any email sent from the account. You can enter 0 if you want to disable the tracking delay.

Note: All accounts created after 28th August, 2020 will have a 3-second tracking delay by default.