Setting Daily Send Limits

Why use the email limiter?

The email limiter allows you to easily control how many emails are going out from an inbox.

By using the email limiter, you can easily do the following:

  • Increase and decrease the volume of emails when warming up an inbox

    If the inbox is new, it is recommended that the inbox gets warmed up to build a good sender reputation.

    As the inbox establishes a good sender reputation, the inbox can gradually increase its sending volume.

    Being able to adjust the email limit makes it easier to upscale and downscale the volume of emails being sent from an inbox.

  • Control how the campaign volume can be spread out to multiple inboxes

    Depending on the inbox reputation, some inboxes can send around 200 emails and some can only send 20.

    When running a campaign using multiple inboxes, setting the daily email limit makes it's easy to

    set how many emails an inbox can send from a campaign.

  • Avoid QuickMail from using up all your daily email limit

    Email service providers put email limits in place to avoid the abuse of their systems.

    If you've used up all your daily email limit in QuickMail,

    you won't be able to send manual emails and follow-ups outside QuickMail.

Note: If you need to control the times and days a campaign can send emails, you can use a Timetable.

If you need to control the number of prospects getting added to the campaign daily, you can use Buckets and Schedules.

How does the email limiter work?

The email limiter will set how many emails can go out from an inbox within the day.

How to set it up in each inbox?

To set up the email limiter in each inbox, go to Settings -> Inbox -> click the inbox you want to set the email limiter in -> Sending -> Scroll down -> Maximum number of emails that QuickMail should send per day from this inbox

How to set it up in multiple inboxes?

To set up the email limiter in multiple inboxes, go to Settings -> Inboxes -> Select All Inboxes -> Set Daily Limit

Note: The daily email limiter resets every midnight of the account's timezone. If the account doesn't have a timezone set, the default is UTC.