Integrating Calendly with QuickMail

What is Calendly integration for?

Calendly integration allows you to track the prospects who booked in your Calendly link. 

How to Use Calendly in QuickMail?

To set up a Calendly integration in QuickMail, simply paste your Calendly link on an email step and then add a hyperlink. 

Note: The email address associated with the Calendly link must be added as an inbox in QuickMail. Otherwise, bookings won't be detected.

Note: When a prospect books a call from your Calendly link, the journey status of the prospect will be marked as 'Booked'. This will stop follow-up emails from being sent to the prospect.

How to Track the Number of Bookings? 

The number of total bookings can be found in the Dashboard. 

To see the number of bookings for a specific period, simply use the 'Booked' filter in the Dashboard.

Alternatively, users may also download campaign or account stats in the Dashboard to see the number of bookings.