Integrating Hubspot with QuickMail

HubSpot CRM can now be connected to QuickMail to improve your workflow. 

It allows users to export, import, automatically sync and see prospect's activities in HubSpot. This feature is only available to Trial and Pro accounts.

What Is Supported in the Two-Way Sync?

Updating and adding prospects are automatically synced in real-time. Note that importing a large list may take some time for all data to be synced. 

Currently, here's how two-way sync is triggered for Prospects:

  • Adding or Importing Prospects
  • Editing First Name or Last Name
  • Editing Job Title
  • Editing Phone Number
  • Events include Opens, Clicks, Replies, Unsubscribes, and Bounces.
  • Assigning or Unassigning Tags and Custom Attributes

Here's how two-way sync is triggered for Tags & Custom Attributes

  • Editing a tag in QuickMail updates the QuickMail properties in HubSpot
  • Deleting a tag in QuickMail puts a tag (deleted) on the QuickMail properties in HubSpot
  • Editing a tag in HubSpot doesn't reflect in QuickMail 

Note: Editing prospect information won't create a new contact in Hubspot.

How to Setup HubSpot Integration

Note: An import or export needs to be manually triggered to sync existing prospects that were added to Hubspot and QuickMail before the integration was set.

1. To Setup Hubspot Integration in QuickMail, go to Settings →  Add-Ons → Scroll Down to See Hubspot Integration.

2. Log in to HubSpot and choose which account you would like to connect to.

After setting up HubSpot Integration in QuickMail, you'll see an option to Pause, Enable & Disable Auto-Sync, Export & Import Prospects, and Remove the HubSpot Integration.

How to Manually Trigger an Import from HubSpot 

1. To manually import all prospects from HubSpot, go to Settings → CRM → Import all existing prospects in HubSpot

Importing all prospects to QuickMail may take some time. Once the import has finished, you will receive an email notification about the import.

How to Manually Trigger an Export to HubSpot 

Note: The ability to manually export all prospects to HubSpot is not yet available to QuickMail accounts that have over 10,000 prospects. 

1. To manually export all prospects to HubSpot, go to Settings → CRM → Export all prospects to HubSpot.

Exporting all prospects to HubSpot may take some time. Once the import has finished, you will receive an email notification about the export.

How to See a Prospect's Activity in Hubspot

1. To see a prospect's activity in Hubspot, go to a specific contact → Filter Activity → Enable filter for QuickMail Integration.

2. After enabling the filter for QuickMail Integration, prospects' activities are displayed under the Activity tab. 

How to Pause HubSpot Integration  

Creating new prospects will no longer sync when integration is paused. However, these actions will still sync:

  • Updating tag names
  • Creating and Deleting Custom Attributes from QuickMail to HubSpot
  • Creating and Deleting Tags from QuickMail to HubSpot

1. To pause integration, Go to Settings → CRM → Check the box 'Pause Integration'.

How to Remove HubSpot Integration  

Two-Way sync will permanently stop when HubSpot Integration is removed in QuickMail.

1. To remove Hubspot integration, go to settings → CRM → Remove HubSpot Integration

How to See Synced Prospects, Tags, or Custom Attributes


All prospects synced in have a Hubspot button below the prospect's icon.  Clicking this button will direct you to Hubspot.

Note: At the moment, it's not yet possible to view a list of all prospects that are synced. 


All info synced in Hubspot can be viewed in Settings → Properties → Use QuickMail Filter