Deleting Prospects in QuickMail

Why delete prospects?

Sometimes, prospects need to be deleted because they’re no longer needed in the account. They can also be deleted to give space for adding new prospects.

Note: The default prospect limit on Pro and Basic Plan is 150,000 while the limit on Trial is 100. Beyond that, each additional 50,000 prospects cost $49/mo.

What happens when a prospect is deleted?

If a prospect is deleted, QuickMail will remove all the data of the prospect from the QuickMail account. This is an irrevocable process.

This means that the prospects will be removed from any Bucket or Campaign. Additionally, this will also remove any Replies, Tasks, and Drafts, related to the prospects in the To-Dos section in QuickMail.

Note: We suggest exporting the journeys of prospects before deleting them to keep their data. Here's how: Exporting Prospects and Journeys

How to delete prospects? 

There are two ways to delete prospects. They can either be deleted temporarily or permanently.

1. Deleting prospects temporarily

Sometimes, users want to delete prospects temporarily and reimport them to start anew.

To delete prospects temporarily, select prospects → Action → Delete

After that, confirm by clicking 'Delete'.

2. Deleting prospects permanently

Prospects that were deleted permanently cannot be added back. This allows users to prevent re-adding prospects that are no longer needed.

To delete prospects temporarily, select prospects → Action → Delete

After that, check the box 'Delete permanently' → Delete

If prospects who were permanently deleted get re-imported, they will be rejected. Here's what will sow in the import report:

How to re-add prospects who were deleted permanently by mistake? 

Simply clear the list of prospects who were deleted permanently to re-add prospects.

To do that, head to Settings → General → Scroll down → Clean list 

Note: This option will only show up if prospects have been deleted permanently. If this option is not available despite deleting prospects permanently, please contact