Categorize replies with AI

What's the AI Reply Categorization feature?

Note: The AI Reply Categorization feature is only available for Legacy and Expert accounts.

AI Reply Categorization is a useful feature that will help you gain insight into the underlying meaning of each reply that you receive.

The Analysis makes it easy to determine the sentiment of your campaigns automatically, without having to perform the work of tagging each reply individually.

How does AI Reply Categorization work?

With the AI sentiments feature integrated into the Opportunities page, any reply that is received will undergo automatic AI reply analysis.

Each reply is then categorized with the corresponding label, and the sentiment of the journey is automatically set by the AI with the first reply.

Once a reply is categorized with AI, it will be also possible to use the feature to start prospects on a new Sub-Campaign.

Note: The AI feature will currently only work with English-language text.

How are replies categorized?

The analysis will categorize all replies into the following three categories:

Positive Sentiments:

  • Interested - Analysis determined that the prospect is interested.
  • More information - Prospect would like to find out more.
  • Booking Request - Prospect would like to book a meeting.

Neutral Sentiments:

  • Not Now - The prospect might be interested, but this is not the right time.
  • Confused - The prospect is not sure why they received this message.

Negative Sentiments:

  • Unsubscribe - The prospect would like to be removed from any future campaigns.
  • Not the right person - The prospect is not the right person for this email.
  • Not interested  - The prospect is not interested.
  • No need - The prospect has no need for this right now.

Note: Since this feature is currently in Beta, the model is still being fine-tuned.

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