NEW ✨ Launching Sub-Campaigns for Out-of-Office Replies and Unsubscribe Requests

Why use Sub-Campaigns?

With the Sub-Campaigns feature, it's easy to automatically send a personalized follow-up message to a prospect with an out-of-office reply or an unsubscribe request.

This is useful if you would like to acknowledge that someone is on a holiday and send them a follow-up, or confirm and check with a prospect as to why they unsubscribed from your emails.

How do Sub-Campaigns work?

With Sub-campaigns, prospects can automatically be switched from one campaign to another when triggers such as out-of-office replies or unsubscribes are detected.

Once prospects are moved to the new campaign, the campaign will be used to send personalized follow-up messages.

Before prospects can be assigned to a Sub-Campaign, a Campaign needs to be created first.

Any campaign can be used as a sub-campaign, so this can be done with the standard campaign creation flow.

To create a new Campaign, from the Campaign Page → press "Create New Campaign".

For a more in-depth guide to campaign creation, click here.

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Sub-campaigns for Out-of-Office Replies

By default, if a journey is marked out-of-office, 14 more days will be added to the journey's wait step.

With sub-campaigns, the first email they receive when they're back can be personalized ("Hope you had a great holiday! Once you're caught back up let's try to connect...")

If this feature is enabled and an out-of-office reply is detected, the Sub-Campaign feature will cancel the current campaign journey for a prospect, and automatically move them to a different campaign.

Note: As soon as OOO is received, a prospect will start the sub-campaign immediately. Make sure to add a Wait Step at the start of your sub-campaign to avoid sending follow-ups while the prospect is on holiday.

To designate the Sub-Campaign for out-of-office replies, head to Settings → Replies → Sub-campaigns → Select Campaign.

Note: a prospect can't start on a Sub-Campaign if the Sub-Campaign is already the campaign they are running. (i.e. a prospect cannot re-enter a campaign with this feature)

By default, the first message sent from the sub-campaign will be a reply to the Out of Office message that the recipient sent.

If you wish to change this, check the option to "Start campaign from the last email sent to the prospect":

With this option checked, the first email sent from the sub-campaign will be threaded as a reply to the last email sent from the campaign.

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Sub-Campaigns for Unsubscribe Requests

Note: The AI Reply Categorization feature is only available for Pro and Expert accounts.

Want to send an email to prospects who unsubscribe confirming that you've removed them from your lists? You can start them on a sub-campaign.

Head to Settings → Replies → Sub-campaigns → Optionally start prospect on a new campaign.

To assign Unsubscribed prospects to a new campaign, the option to automatically set the prospect as Do Not Contact must be disabled first.

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