NEW ✨ Automatically Handle Unsubscribe Requests

Don't waste time on unsubscribes

In QuickMail, our powerful AI can analyze and detect reply sentiment.

If a prospect wants to unsubscribe, we'll take care of it. You can focus all your time on conversations that are driving an impact and bringing revenue.

How to enable automatic unsubscribes

Note: The AI Reply Categorization feature is only available for Legacy and Expert accounts.

Inside of your QuickMail account, head to Settings > Replies

Scroll down to the Sub-campaigns section

You will see an option for 'when a request for unsubscribe is detected'

Select the checkbox labelled "Automatically set prospect as Do Not Contact"

That's it! No more wasting time with prospects who won't add to your pipeline

Note: If the option to "Automatically set prospect as Do Not Contact" is checked, the Opportunity will be automatically archived.

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Where to see recent unsubscribes

Using the Prospect Advanced Filters, recent unsubscribes can be viewed and exported

Head to Prospects > Advanced Filters

The Prospects tab will open by default

From here, select "Has 'Do Not Contact'" and apply filters

This will filter your prospects and only display those who have been unsubscribed

From here, actions can be taken individually or in bulk.

Resubscribe prospects by removing their 'do not contact' status, export this list as a CSV, or delete prospects to create space in your account.

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