Setting Up LinkedIn Automation

💡 The number of LinkedIn accounts that you can add will depend on your plan. It's 1 for Basic, 5 for Pro, and 15 for Expert.

How does LinkedIn Automation work?

LinkedIn Automation is a powerful tool designed to streamline and enhance your networking efforts on the LinkedIn platform. This allows QuickMail users to seamlessly send LinkedIn connection requests and send LinkedIn messages to prospects you've connected with.

How to add a LinkedIn account?

  1. To add a LinkedIn account, go to Account Settings → LinkedIn tab → Add LinkedIn Account

  1. You will need the following info to set up your LinkedIn account:
  • Country

You need to specify which country your LinkedIn is assigned to when you created the account.

  • Cookies from your LinkedIn account

To get the cookies from LinkedIn, go to this link and install the extension on your browser.

Once the extension has been added, go back to your LinkedIn profile and click the cookie Icon.

Doing so will copy the cookies of the page.

If you don't see the Cookie icon on your browser, please click the puzzle icon and it should show all extensions you have on the browser.

Here's what it should look like once you put in all your LinkedIn credentials:

Note: Logging out of your LinkedIn account will invalidate your LinkedIn cookies. When that happens, we won't be able to send LinkedIn connection requests. To avoid that, you can close the LinkedIn window but avoid logging out of the account.

This is what it looks like after a LinkedIn account is added:

How to add prospects' LinkedIn information?

The LinkedIn account can be added manually or in bulk by importing the prospects.

Manually adding prospects' LinkedIn ID

To manually add LinkedIn info to a prospect, just head to your prospect list → click the prospect's thumbnail → from the slider, add your LinkedIn account.

Bulk-adding prospects' LinkedIn IDs

To bulk-add prospects' LinkedIn IDs, simply go to your CSV/Google sheet and add a LinkedIn column.

Then, upon importing prospects, you can map your LinkedIn column with the LinkedIn attribute in QuickMail.

💡Pro tip: If your prospects are already in the account, make sure to check the box "Update prospect if it exists" when re-importing prospects. If this checkbox is not checked, your prospects and updates will be rejected to prevent duplicates.

How to assign a LinkedIn account to a campaign?

To assign a LinkedIn account to a campaign, just go to the LinkedIn tab and select the account.

💡 Pro tip: You can assign as many LinkedIn accounts as you need to the campaign.

How to create a LinkedIn Step?

  1. From your campaign, go to Steps and click the Add Step button.

  1. An Add Campaign Step window will then pop up. Click the LinkedIn Step you would like to add.

💡Pro Tip: If you would like to know more about managing your LinkedIn Outreach with QuickMail, check out these guides:

How can I change the daily limits of my LinkedIn actions?

  1. Go to Settings → LinkedIn → Select a LinkedIn account

  1. Scroll down and look for LinkedIn actions limit and throttling → Set your preferred limits

How can I check the account for new connections?

QuickMail automatically scans for new connections once a LinkedIn account is linked. However, If you'd prefer not to wait for the automatic check, it's also possible to manually check the account for new connections.

To do this, from Settings → LinkedIn → Select a LinkedIn account -> Scroll down the page -> Press. "Sync Now".

What to do when your LinkedIn account loses permission in QuickMail?

Logging out of the LinkedIn account invalidates LinkedIn cookies, preventing the sending of connection requests in QuickMail.

If the account loses permission, a warning appears in Settings on the LinkedIn page, and an email notification is sent to the account owner.

To re-authorize the LinkedIn account, log in to the LinkedIn account, open the LinkedIn account settings, and update the Cookies.