NEW ✨ Creating A Client Portal

Having a client portal allows agency teams to stop doing manual reporting tasks. Teams can simply allow their clients to have limited access to view the account dashboard in real time.

The portal prevents the client from being able to view other client accounts under the agency or access/change the campaigns or prospect data.

Please note - client portals can only be generated inside of agency accounts. If you have any questions please contact

  1. Go to a specific account under the Agency → Settings → Team → Enable Client Portal
  2. After enabling Client Portal, copy the link to the Client Portal

  1. Simply provide the Client Portal link to the client. From there, the client will be able to see the dashboard and filter the stats. Changes and account stats are reflected in the Client Portal in real-time.

How to add or change the company logo in the client portal

  1. Go to the Agency Dashboard by clicking the agency name on the upper left corner → Settings

  1. Under Settings, scroll down and upload your company logo under "Branding"

  1. The change will apply to the client portal in real-time

💡 The company logo will also appear when inviting a team member to join the organization or when inviting a client to add an inbox

How to remove or change access to the client portal

If a point of contact leaves your client's organization or you otherwise want to change who has access to the client portal - you can regenerate the portal link.

The previous link will be de-activated and will no longer load the portal.

Simply press and hold the "Regenerate URL" button, then share the new portal access URL.

To disable the portal entirely - de-select "Enable client portal." All previously generated access links will be de-activated.