Testing Deliverability with SpamTester.ai

Why should I use it?

Spamtester.ai is a powerful tool designed to help users improve email deliverability. It can help identify issues with the DNS settings of your domain and spammy content in your emails. This saves users' time in troubleshooting issues with email deliverability.

How to use SpamTester.ai with Quickmail?

  1. On a separate browser window/tab, go to https://spamtester.ai/
  2. Copy the email address provided on the page (don't close the browser window/tab)

  1. Go to QuickMail, head to the Prospects page and click Add Prospect. Use the email address copied from Mail-Tester.

  1. Add that prospect to a campaign, and start them on their Journey. For a more detailed guide, here's how to Start Prospects to a Campaign

  1. After an email has been sent, head back to the SpamTester.ai browser window. It will automatically get updated and show the test results