Blacklist Monitoring

What are Blacklists

Blacklists are online databases of email senders who have been reported or suspected of sending spam or malicious emails.

Internet and Email service providers use the information from Blacklists to determine the reputation of the email sender.

Being blacklisted might result in the email address being blocked from sending emails or having emails sent to the spam folder.

Therefore, it's really important to follow best email deliverability practices to make sure that the domain does not get blacklisted in the first place.

And if you do get blacklisted, it's a good idea to act as soon as possible to request a removal.

To help track users track any potential listings, we will monitor Blacklists in real-time to catch any flaggings.

How does Blacklist Monitoring work

Once an inbox is added to QuickMail, we'll automatically start checking all major blacklists every 24 hours to see if the domain of your email address was blacklisted.

The blacklisting for each domain is updated every 24 hours on the Domains page in general Settings:

We will also automatically send an email notification to inform you of blacklisting:

This provides the user with real-time status of their blacklisting and gives time to promptly react.

My domain is blacklisted, what should I do?

If a domain is blacklisted, it might be possible to contact the owner of the blacklist directly to request that the domain is removed from their database.

In some cases, the blacklist flagging is automatically removed after a certain period.

Send a message to and we'll be glad to look into this further and help.

I created an email address recently and it's already Blacklisted.

Certain Blacklists specifically target domains that were recently created.

For example, it's common for new domains to end up on the SEM-FRESH (SpamEatingMonkey) blacklist.

However, since this is expected, there is not much to worry about.

SEM-FRESH listings expire automatically within 5-30 days.

Once the blacklisting expires, you won't have any issues with using the email address or the domain.

While the domain is Blacklisted, it's generally recommended not to send any emails from the email addresses using the domain, as that could cause emails to end up in spam or bounce back.