Sending Emails in Plain Text

Why send emails in Plain Text

Plain text emails are messages composed solely of text characters without any formatting or design elements.

Sending emails in Plain Text is a great way to improve deliverability and increase the chances of an email landing in the prospect's primary inbox folder.

They are universally supported by all email clients and devices, and some spam filters are more lenient towards emails that only contain plain text.

How to send Plain Text emails in QuickMail

Each email step within the campaign can be configured to be sent out as a Plain Text email with a click of a button.

To set the email step as a Plain Text email, from your Campaign -> Steps -> Select Email Step -> Press the checkbox "Plain Text Only" and update the email step

What are the downsides of sending emails in Plain Text

While plain text emails have several advantages, they also come with a few downsides that are worth considering:

  • No Tracking Capability
  • No Customization or Formatting Options available
  • Limited visual appeal
  • Inability to Include links, Images and Videos
  • No email preview

Since emails are sent in plain text they might lack the visual appeal and branding opportunities that HTML emails provide.

Without formatting options like bold text, italics, or different font sizes, organizing and specifying information in the email can be more challenging.

When emails are sent in plain text, we also won't be able to track events such as email opens or email clicks.

Choosing when to send a plain text email will mostly depend on the specific needs of your email campaign.

While they do come with an increase in deliverability, it's important to consider both the benefits and drawbacks of sending emails in plain text.