Creating a Microsoft Email Account from Scratch

Note: If you want to learn how to add an Outlook/Microsoft 365 inboxes to QuickMail, check out this article instead: How to add an inbox for sending.

Quickmail works well with Outlook emails (also known as Office 365 emails, also known as Microsoft Exchange Emails)

So setting up an Office 365 account is a good workaround for those who don't want to deal with issues that come with Gmail/Gsuite accounts.

Here's a simple guide on how to set up an Office 365 email account:

Go to and select "For Business". 

Currently, 2 plans offer business email services: 

Office 365 Business Premium and Office 365 Business Essentials 

Any of those 2 plans will work to set up an email account. 

Tip: Office 365 Business Premium has a Trial package that can be used to try an account.

Continue with the sign-up process and wait until the message "You're ready to go.." shows up:

To set up a custom domain with the new Office 365 account, go to the Admin Panel -> Set up -> Domains -> Add a domain: 

If you already own a domain, you can put in the domain. If not, you can buy a domain using the "Buy Domain" button.

After the new domain has been added, the next step will be to verify the ownership of the domain so that Office 365 can set up the email account under that domain. 
Depending on the domain host/registrar, the step-by-step instructions may vary:

Once the domain has been verified, set up the user email account/s that will be using the domain that was added. 


Next step will be to add MX records, Cname records, and TXT records to the domain.

This may also vary depending on the domain registrar but the process is pretty much the same: 

Copy the values provided by Office 365 and create the specified records in your domain and paste the values.  

Setting up SPF and DKIM records are also needed in order to get the best email deliverability with an Office 365 email account. 

Set up SPF in Office 365 to help prevent spoofing 

Use DKIM to validate outbound email

After confirming that the records have been added, the email account should be all set! 

You can now add the email to your Quickmail account:

For existing GSuite email users who wish to migrate their accounts to Office 365, here's a guide: Migrate consumer G Suite mailboxes to Office 365