Adding an Inbox for Sending

Why add an inbox?

Inboxes in a QuickMail account are the email addresses that QuickMail will use to send email campaigns from and monitor replies. Without an inbox, you can't send any emails from campaigns and receive replies from prospects.

How to add an inbox?

To add an Inbox to QuickMail, head to Settings -> Inboxes -> Add Inbox 

Upon clicking the Add Inbox button, you will be presented with two options to add an inbox. 

I have access to the inbox

If you have access to the inbox, you can directly log in to your inbox to add it to QuickMail.

After clicking Continue, you will be re-directed to a page where you have to choose an email service provider.  We currently support Google (Gmail / Gsuite), Microsoft (Outlook / Office 365), and any Custom Inboxes that support SMTP and IMAP.


Pro tip: Avoid using your primary domain to send cold emails because sending cold emails has its risk. If an inbox is flagged, all email addresses under the same domain will also get trashed.

New to sending cold emails? This checklist might come in handy when getting started --

Outlook or Microsoft 365

If you continue with Microsoft, QuickMail will automatically add the inbox of the Microsoft email account that is logged in to the browser.

If a wrong inbox is getting added, simply add the inbox using an incognito window so you will be asked to log in manually.

Gmail or Gsuite

If you continue with Google, you will be redirected to a list of Gmail accounts logged in to your browser, click the one that you want to add to QuickMail.

After clicking the Gmail account, Google will ask you to grant QuickMail permission to the inbox.  Click Allow if you agree to it and to continue.

After clicking allow, you will be redirected back to your account where you can see the inbox added.

Pro tip: If you are working as a team, always make sure to change the settings of the inbox to shared. Otherwise, it can only be viewed by its owner or the email address used to log in to QuickMail when the inbox was added.

Custom inbox

If the inbox is not Google or Microsoft, you can still add the inbox as long as the inbox supports SMTP and IMAP. Some examples of custom inbox providers are Bluehost, Ionos, and Zoho.

Check out this article to see how a custom inbox can be set up --How to Add a Zoho Mail Inbox.

I don't have access to the inbox

If you're working with a client and you need to add their inbox to the account but you don't have access to the inbox, simply generate the inbox invite link by clicking Continue under I don't have access to the inbox.

Note: The link is only valid for 7 days. Once the link expires, accessing the link will lead to a request failed error. Simply generate the link again and send a new one to the client once the link expires.

How many inboxes can I add to a single account?

QuickMail allows users to add as many Inboxes as they need.

Each inbox has its own identity so sending emails from different persons in the same account is possible. 

The number of inboxes that can be added depends on the plan you currently have.

Pro tip: if you want to increase the volume of emails the account can send daily, the best way to go about it is to use multiple inboxes. Having multiple inboxes is a good way to spread out the volume of messages coming from a single campaign through Inbox Rotation

Looking to add more inbox seats? Check this out -- How to Add Additional Inboxes.