Sending Email Variations Based on Conditions

Conditions are currently only available in the Pro and Expert plans

Why use Conditions?

Conditions help you send the right email to the prospect based on the conditions that they meet.
By using conditions, you can control the email variation that a Prospect will receive when they enter a Step.

Conditions are also used to stop a prospect's journey if they don't meet certain conditions.
Additionally, you can also use conditions on the campaign's checkpoint.

Note: If a prospect's journey stops because they don't meet a certain condition, it's normal that the status of the journey will be Error Running. This is because the journey doesn't have a specific variation to go to.

How to add a Condition?

From the campaign steps, click the triple-dot icon on the email step or variation that you want to add a condition to.
Then, click Edit Condition.
An Edit Condition window will then pop-up.
From the window, click what type of Condition you want to apply to the email step/variations.

Note: As of the moment, the conditions Prospect Attributes and Companies are not yet available.

Click on Condition that should be added to the Variation, and you'll be presented with the options there.
For example, you want a particular email variation to be received by prospects who never clicked a link in any of the previous emails,
you can use the condition for Clicks.
Then, you can check the checkbox "Never Clicked."
You can also set which specific link it is by adding a value for "URL contains a specific value."
From this example, I'm setting the variation to only be received by prospects who never clicked a link with QuickMail in it.

Pro-tip: If the goal is to control which email variation a prospect must receive from a specific step, Email Variations must be set up first. For a more detailed guide on Email Variations, check out this article --Variations

Note: For conditions for email variations to work, there must be an available email variation for both the positive and negative conditions. For example, if you have an email variation for the condition "never clicked a link," you should have an email variation for the condition "clicked a link at least once." 

Otherwise, the journeys that don't meet any conditions will not be able to continue.