Pausing Campaigns and Inboxes

Why pause sending emails?

An inbox or campaign is paused from sending emails to be able to control the number of emails going out.

Inboxes and campaigns can also be paused if you don't want to send emails in QuickMail on a specific day (eg. Holidays).

Pro-tip: If you want to control the days and times a campaign is allowed to send emails, you can use Timetables instead.

How to pause sending emails?

There are ways to pause sending emails immediately.

Pausing campaigns

You can pause campaigns to stop sending emails from a particular campaign. 
To pause a campaign, view the campaign you want to pause -> click Review -> Pause Campaign. 

All pending emails in the campaign will stop sending out until the campaign is re-activated or set to live.

Pausing Inboxes

Pausing an inbox will prevent any emails from sending out from the paused inbox. 
To pause an inbox, go to Settings -> Inboxes -> click the inbox you want to pause.

From the inbox settings, go to the Sending tab -> Scroll down -> check the checkbox "pause sending emails from this email

Caution: Even if an inbox is paused, the campaign schedules and follow-ups will still be followed and these emails will accumulate in the send queue. 

Once the inbox is unpaused, all the emails that accumulated in the send queue will start sending out

and this might cause a massive volume of emails to start sending out immediately. 

To avoid this from happening, you can also pause the campaigns so that the emails won't accumulate in the send queue.