Troubleshooting: What's are time tables vs. schedules?

Schedules and Time Tables. What's the difference?

Schedules and Time Tables are two benefits of QuickMail that apply to Campaigns.
Schedules automate Prospects starting on a Campaign at certain times on certain days. In essence, what they do is remove a certain number of Prospects from a Bucket and start them on the first Step of a Campaign. 
Schedules have no effect on the follow-up schedules. Follow-ups are scheduled based on the wait step between email steps. 
Time Tables are there to limit when a Campaign can send any email. They don't do anything on their own—they simply determine what times of day and on what days of the week that a Campaign is "allowed" to send messages to Prospects. For instance, a Time Table could be set up for Monday through Friday, from 9AM to 5PM, and once it's applied to a Campaign, QuickMail would not send any messages outside of those windows of time for that Campaign.
Think of it as a line at the post office. A Schedule would control when new Prospects wait in line, to send their first message. A Time Table would determine when the window at the post office is open. If the window closes, Prospects who are waiting in line will need to wait until the window opens again, to send messages!