Adding a Zoho Inbox

A Zoho email account can be added as an inbox in QuickMail using the Custom Inbox Option.  

Which Zoho email accounts can I use?

A paid Zoho mail account is needed in order to have IMAP capabilities - which is needed when adding the email as a custom inbox. So at least a Mail Lite plan in Zoho is required in order to enable the IMAP access. 

Once you have a Zoho mail account, go to Settings -> Mail Accounts.

Enable IMAP Access and take note of the IMAP server configuration values.

It's also recommended to configure SPF and DKIM records for the Zoho account before adding it to QuickMail. 
That is to ensure good email deliverability. Here are the guides for setting up SPF and DKIM with Zoho email:

SPF configuration for Zoho mail
DKIM configuration for Zoho mail

How to Add a Zoho email inbox

Go to Settings -> Inboxes -> Add Inbox -> Select the Custom inbox option

Fill out the SMTP and IMAP fields with these values:

Server Address:
Server Port: 465
User Login: *Your Zoho account login email*
User Password:  *Your Zoho account login password*


Server Address: Server Port: 993 User Login: *Your Zoho account login email*

User Password: *Your Zoho account login password*

After putting in the IMAP and SMTP credentials, click 'Test sending' and 'Test receiving' buttons to check if the configurations are correct. 

Once it's confirmed that configurations are correct, click Add Inbox.

Here's an example:

That's it! The Zoho email account can now be used to send emails. 

Note: If 'Test receiving' fails or results in an error, make sure that Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is disabled in your Zoho mail account.