Using the Colleagues Attribute

What is Colleagues Attribute?

Colleagues Attribute allows you to mention the prospect’s colleagues in emails.

When to use Colleagues Attribute?

Use Colleague Attributes to inform your prospects that you're emailing their colleagues as well.

Also, since colleagues attribute lists down all prospects that belong to the same company, it can be used to find the best prospect to contact among their colleagues.

How to make Colleagues Attribute work?

For Colleagues Attribute to work, the prospect's company info should be listed.

To ensure this, head to Prospects and check the information on the column Company.

If prospects don’t belong to a company yet, you have to add their company if it doesn't exist yet and update the prospect's information.

To add prospect's company, go to Prospects -> Companies -> Add Company. 

To update company information, head to Prospects -> Companies -> Click the company icon -> use the “add prospects” search bar -> click the prospects you want to add to the company.

How to set up Colleagues Attribute?

To set up Colleagues Attribute, go to the campaign -> Steps -> Click the email step.

From the email step, click Attributes on the email body -> Attributes window, click Colleagues. 

This is how colleague attributes look like when added in an email step and how it looks like when the email is received:

What if I don't want to mention everyone in the same company?

Once Colleagues Attribute is used in an email, all the names of the prospects from the same company will appear on the email once it's received by the prospects. 

However, if you want to filter prospects who share the same role and mention only their names on your email, head to Settings -> General -> scroll down to Colleagues -> check "Colleagues share the same Role" box.

Why am I getting an error while using Colleagues Attribute?

Error happens when a prospect's company info is not updated or a prospect doesn't belong to the same company as other prospects added to the campaign.

To solve this error, check: "What do I need to make sure Colleagues Attribute will work?" section above.