Creating Call Steps in a Campaign

What are Call Steps?

Call Steps are non-email campaign steps that allow users to make calls to prospects.  Like a Task Step, the prospect's journey in the campaign will be paused when they reach the Call Step in the campaign. 

Note: A prospect needs to have a phone number so that they can be called when they go into a Call step.

How to create a Call Step? 

Step 1. Go to Campaigns →  Create or Select an existing Campaign →  Steps →  Click on Add a Step or Click on the Plus Sign Button. 

After that, click on 'Call Step'. 

Step 2. Compose a call script that will be available to read when a prospect goes into the Call step. 

Tip: You can use attributes to automatically populate prospect details in the script.

How to make a call? 

When a prospect's journey goes into a call step, their journey will pause and a Call opportunity will be generated in the Opportunities tab (To-Dos for legacy users).

Step 1. On the Opportunities page (To-Dos for legacy users), open a Call opportunity to see the call script for a specific prospect. Call opportunities are labeled "Scheduled call"

Step 2. Click the Call button to dial the prospect's phone number using the call application associated with your browser or computer. (Example: AirCall, Skype, RingCentral).

Note:  The call button won't appear if the prospect doesn't have a phone number.

Once the call is completed, you have two options: 

  • Mark as complete to resume the journey so it will proceed to the next step
  • Archive the opportunity