Adding CC to Email Campaign Steps

Why use the CC field?

The CC (Carbon Copy) field in the email step allows users to send copies of the emails to another email address as well. 

For example, the CC field can be used to include another department in your company.

This can be beneficial to the email conversation as a way to open up more channels for communication.

The prospects who receive the emails will also see the email address in the CC field

so they can address their reply to one of the CC'ed addresses if they chose to.

How to CC prospects' colleagues:

It's also possible to send CC (Carbon Copy) of emails to prospects' colleagues by filling out the CC field in the email with a custom attribute.

First, you need to create a custom attribute (like a colleagues custom attribute)

For this example, a custom attribute named "colleagues" is created.

(no need to set a default value)

Here's a full guide about using custom attribute - How to Use Attributes

After that, you can use the custom attribute in the CC field in the email variations:

You can then fill out the custom attribute values for the prospects you want to send CC emails to their colleagues.

You can also import prospects with their 'cc email values'.

If the field is left blank, then no email will be sent to the colleague of the prospect.