🎬 Buckets & Schedules Workshop

You can build a consistent and predictable pipeline without adding a lot of manual tasks.

Buckets and schedules work hand-in-hand to automate when prospects are added to your campaigns.

This workshop is broken into two sections to detail each feature used to create this automation.

Section 1: Buckets

00:00 Why set up Buckets and Schedules

00:19 How do Buckets and Schedules work

00:42 What should you have at the end of this tutorial

00:50 Why we broke down the video into 2 sections

01:05 Section 1: Buckets

01:23 What you need before starting the tutorial

01:41 How to create a bucket

02:15 How to add prospects to a bucket

Section 2: Schedules

00:00 Recap of Section 1

00:13 Section 2: Schedules

00:40 How to schedule a campaign

01:45 Why are my schedules yellow

01:48 How to activate the campaign

02:35 How to double-check the schedules

Time tables are a separate feature that allow you to determine when in the day your emails will be sent. To read more about time tables, check out this quick guide