Automate Sending LinkedIn Messages

💡 LinkedIn automation is currently only available on the Expert plan. To turn it on for your account, please upgrade to the Expert plan and contact

How does sending LinkedIn Messages work

In QuickMail, you can seamlessly create custom-tailored messages for your LinkedIn connections.

By incorporating LinkedIn Message steps into your campaigns, you have the capability to send multiple personalized messages to your prospects.

Note: It's not yet possible to send a LinkedIn message to prospects you're not connected with. So a LinkedIn Connection request must be sent first. To send a LinkedIn Connection request with a personalized message, check out this guide

How many LinkedIn Messages can I send?

To prevent the account from being restricted by LinkedIn, we put a daily limit of 40 LinkedIn messages per account.

If there's a need to send more, it's possible to add more LinkedIn accounts as needed without additional cost.

On the other hand, you can also set a limit to the LinkedIn messages you send daily.

How to send LinkedIn Messages

  1. Setup LinkedIn Automation
  2. From your campaign, go to Steps and click the Add Step button.

  1. An Add Campaign Step window will then pop up, and click a LinkedIn message from it.

  1. Add the LinkedIn message you want to send. You can use attributes to personalize your message.

How to see which LinkedIn account sent the LinkedIn Message?

It's possible to add multiple LinkedIn accounts in QuickMail, and this can make you wonder which LinkedIn account sent the prospect a message.
To see which LinkedIn account sent the LinkedIn message, go to Sent → Search for the prospect's email or use an advanced filter to narrow down the list by category → Select a sent item

How can I change the daily limits of my LinkedIn messages?

  1. Go to Settings → LinkedIn → Select a LinkedIn account

  1. Scroll down and look for LinkedIn actions limit and throttling → Set your preferred limits

Where can I see replies to LinkedIn messages?

Once a LinkedIn account is added to QuickMail, we will automatically scan it for replies.

The replies are then collected and displayed on the Opportunities page, allowing direct responses to LinkedIn messages.