New UI: Building your first campaign

What are campaigns

Campaigns are a series of emails and tasks that you can use to reach out to your leads and get replies. In QuickMail, you can run omni-channel campaigns that include email, calls, SMS, and LinkedIn actions, among others.

Step #1: Create campaigns

To get started, go to campaigns → click +Add.

After clicking Create New Campaign, give the Campaign a name →  choose whether it's for everyone (Shared) or only you (Private) → Add.

Note: Private campaigns are only visible to the email address that created the campaign. So it's not visible to other team members or even admins.

Next, under the steps tab, choose the step that you want to add. Meanwhile, let's take Email as an example.

Next, add your email subject → email body → Click "Add".

Note: By default, a 3-day Wait Step will be automatically created when creating any Step. It's possible to change the wait range.

You can keep adding follow-ups by clicking "Add new step"

Here's an example of a campaign with multiple follow-ups.

Aside from email and LinkedIn steps, QuickMail has a lot of other steps that you can use.

To see the whole list, click "View All" when adding steps.

Step #2: Automate campaigns

To automate campaigns in QuickMail, you need to set up 2 things: Triggers and Send times

IMPORTANT: Once leads are added to the campaign, they will be on a "Not Started" status.

Emails won't send automatically as soon as leads are added to the campaign unlike in the old UI.

So Triggers and Send times must be set up

What are Triggers

Triggers dictate how many leads will start your campaign on specific days and times.

To create triggers, go to a specific campaign → Automation tab → Ensure first that you're using the correct timezone.

Then, click Triggers → select the days you want Leads to start on the campaign → select the time of the day when you want to start them → set number of leads to start → Apply.

In case you make any mistake with choosing the day, times, and/or leads to start, you can also clear triggers.

What are Send Times

Send times dictate the hours in days when the campaign can send emails.

Newly created campaigns have default send times of Monday to Friday, between 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM Workspace timezone.

However, you can edit them by going to the campaign → Automation tab → Shading the days and time range. Alternatively, it's also possible to clear the time ranges.

Here's an example of a campaign where 25 leads start at 10:00 AM Mondays to Fridays, and emails can be sent between 10:00 AM and 4:00 PM.

Step #3: Add leads to campaigns

Without leads, your campaign automation won't work. So you need to ensure your campaigns have leads.

Leads can be added during the import process or manually from the Leads list.

Importing leads to campaigns

When importing leads, under "Options", you can select a campaign to add them directly to.

Learn more about adding leads here.

Pro tip: if your leads are already added to the Workspace you can simply re-import the same sheet. When re-importing, make sure to check the checkbox "Update lead if it Exists"

Otherwise, leads won't be added to the campaign because they will be rejected for duplicates.

To add Leads manually just select them from the List -> Click on Actions -> Add to Campaign -> Select the campaign

Step #4: Assign emails for sending

Without an email address, the campaign can't send emails.

To assign an email address to a campaign, go to the campaign → Channels tab → Under Emails, toggle your preferred email address on

Pro tip: You can assign multiple Email Accounts to the campaign to scale your campaigns safely. This will distribute the volume of emails from your campaign which will avoid getting flagged by email service providers.

Step #5: Activate campaigns

The last step in setting up campaigns is to activate it.

Pro tip: Ensure that the scheduled triggers for your campaigns are set for future dates relative to when you activate them. Moreover, there must be at least 20 minutes allowance.

For example, if you activate the campaigns at 10:10 AM, your trigger should be at 10:30 AM for that day. Triggers don't work retrospectively so only triggers in the future will run.

To do that, go to the campaign → click the paused dropdown → choose Live.