Using Inbox Attributes

Why use Inbox-specific attributes?

Working as a Team in QuickMail, team members can share Campaigns and send the campaign from their own inbox.
Inbox-specific attributes are used to personalized emails based on the inbox the emails are sent from.

How do attributes work?

When an inbox-specific attribute is added to an email step in the campaign, once the prospect receives the email, 

the attribute will transform into the information that is specific to the inbox that sent the email.

To make sure that the attribute can be translated, inbox-specific information must be set.

Otherwise, the journeys will run into an error because the attribute will not be transformed.

How to set inbox-specific information?

Each inbox can have their own identity (sender name), as well as Signature, that can be inserted into messages.

To set up the inbox identity, just go to Settings -> Inbox -> click the inbox.

Next, go to the Sending tab and fill out the Identity and Friendly Name.

To set up the signature, from the same Sending tab, just scroll down and add your signature to the Signature editor.

Then, click Save Changes.

How to insert inbox-specific attributes to an email?

To insert inbox-specific attributes to an email, just go to a Campaign -> Steps -> click email step -> click Attribute.

The attribute window will then appear. Under the Inbox, click any of the attributes to insert it to your email step.

Here's an example of how the attribute will be translated once the prospect receives it:




Will transform into:


Richard HendricksCEO || PiedPiper

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