🎬 New User Training Workshop

Welcome to QuickMail!

This video workshop will take you through basic setup - from adding your first inbox to sending your first email.

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00:00 Intro

00:34 Section 1: How

00:44 What is an inbox

01:14 How to add an inbox

02:05 How to add an inbox that you don't have access to

02:44 Section 2: Who

03:05 How to add prospects manually

03:58 How to import prospects via CSV

05:05 What are import reports and how to check them

05:34 How to double-check the imported prospects in the account

05:45 How to import via Google Drive

06:04 How to add a Google Drive to the account

07:13 What's the maximum file size for imports?

07:23 Section 3: What

07:32 What are campaigns?

08:00 How to create a campaign

09:12 What are attributes: personalizing emails

09:50 Open and click tracking

10:05 What's a Wait Step and how to edit it

10:41 Creating a follow-up step

11:20 Assigning an inbox to the campaign so it can send emails

11:36 Section 4: When

12:18 How start prospects on a campaign manually

13:15 How to activate a campaign so it can start sending emails

13:43 Automate adding prospects to the campaign with buckets and schedules

Have a question or need some help with setup? Reach out to our world-class team at support@quickmail.io