Cancelling Journeys to Stop Follow-ups

Manually Cancelling a Journey

When a Prospect is going through a Campaign, receiving email messages or going through wait steps, they're on a Journey. Once QuickMail detects a Reply from them, all subsequent messages for them will be cancelled automatically.
However, there may be times when a Journey needs to be cancelled manually—for example, if they were spoken to on the phone.
The easiest way to cancel a prospect's journey is on the Prospects page. 
Just select the prospect/s whose journeys you want to cancel then use the action "Cancel Journey". 

If you only want to cancel specific journeys, head to the Prospect's profile, and find the Campaign you want to cancel. 
Use the three dots in the top-right corner of the rectangle, and you'll have the option to cancel the Journey. 

You can also cancel journeys in bulk in the campaign by going to the campaign journeys. Then select the journeys you want to cancel and use the cancel action.