Understanding the Journey Status

What is a Journey?

A journey pertains to the prospects in a campaign. Each journey has a different status. It's important to know what does each journey status means so that you'll know what's your next step in re-engaging with your prospects. 

What are the types of Journey Statuses? 


Journeys marked as Bounced will mark the prospects as invalid. If a prospect is marked as invalid, the system will stop sending emails to the prospect.

This is done by design to avoid sending further emails that will bounce, which can hurt inbox reputation.


Journeys marked as booked refer to journeys that booked a call using a Calendly link from the campaign. If a booking is detected, the system will stop sending emails to the prospect who booked.

If you want to learn how to use Calendly with Quickmail, check out this guide


Journeys marked as Canceled will stop. When a journey is marked as canceled, emails will no longer be sent.
Canceled journeys can be resumed to start sending emails again. Here's a guide on how to resume or cancel journeys. 

Has error

Journeys with Error will stop. This means that no further emails will be sent.

There are several reasons why a journey will run into an error. This includes issues with the inbox, the campaign step, or the prospect.

To know the reason for the error, simply hover your pointer to the Error.


Journeys marked as Out-of-Office means that an automated reply from the prospect was received. Out-of-office journeys are extended by 14-days by default. 
For example, if there's a 3-day wait step, it will be extended to a 17-day wait step. 
If you know when the prospect is coming back, you can resume the journey immediately or later. 

Alternatively, it's also possible to change the out-of-office days for a specific account. Check out this guide


Running journeys means that the journey is still ongoing.


Replies journeys mean that a reply from the prospect has been detected. 

When a journey is marked as Replied, follow-up emails will no longer be sent.

If you want to view and manage replies, check out this guide


A journey status which means the prospect has just been added to the campaign and is waiting to go to the first step.


Unsubscribed journeys mean that a prospect has unsubscribed. 

Journeys marked as unsubscribe will put the prospect in a 'Do Not Contact' status.

When a prospect is in a 'Do Not Contact' status, they can't be added to any campaign or bucket. 

If you want to add an Unsubscribe link to your emails, check out this guide

How to Filter Prospects by Journeys? 

Go to Prospects -> Advanced Filters -> Journeys -> Select a Journey Status -> Apply Filters