Creating Task Campaign Steps

Tasks in QuickMail are Steps in a Campaign that generate a to-do for you or another member of your team that needs to be completed. 

They don't send anything to a prospect and can be considered an "offline step."
To add a Task to a Campaign, just click on Task when creating a new Step:
In this example, I'll add a Task to my Campaign to phone Prospects if they haven't responded to my initial email after 3 days. It's possible to use Attributes in Tasks, to customize each task with as much information as needed.
I've also assigned this task to myself, so I know I'm the one to take care of it.
Head to the Actions section, and use the Tasks section to see any active tasks. Click on the task to see a preview of the Prospect's web site, as well as what needs to be done:
Click and hold Mark As Completed to complete the task, and you'll be in business!