Creating a Manual Email Step

Why send emails manually?

Emails in QuickMail can be set to be sent manually when the emails need a rework or major editing before sending them.
When a prospect goes to an email step that is set to be sent manually, the email goes to the Outbox.
The Outbox is where you can review or edit emails before sending the emails manually.

It is also useful to set the emails to be manually sent when you are working in a team.

When emails are set to be sent manually, other team members have the opportunity to add their expertise to the emails, review the emails, or complete the emails before sending them.

Additionally, sending emails manually can be useful when an email needs a lot of personalization for each prospect.
For example, if you want the 1st email step of your campaign to be a unique email for each prospect, but the follow-ups are all the same,
you can set the 1st email step of your campaign to be sent manually. 

Note: For minimal personalization, you can just use Custom Attributes instead of sending emails manually.  

How to create manual emails?

To set an email step to be sent manually tick the Send Manually checkbox when creating the email step.

Where to send emails manually?

Once a prospect goes into an email step that is set to be sent manually, the email will go to the To-dos page as a draft.

To finalize the Drafts, just head to To-dos -> filter by Drafts -> select each draft to edit them.

If you don't want to finalize the draft and send it, long-press Ignore and Delete.

To send the draft, long-press Send Email.

Note: emails that must be sent manually can't be sent in bulk.

So if you have 500 emails that you should send manually, you have to go through each of them and send them one by one.