Handling Replies with Opportunities

Why use Opportunities?

Opportunities replaced QuickMail's old To-Dos.

It's a centralized place to keep track of all the opportunities created by prospects replying to your campaign, in any of your inboxes.

Unlike To-Dos, where multiple replies are in different threads, Opportunities allow you to view your entire conversation with a prospect in a single thread and send follow-ups anytime.

Here's an example of an Opportunity:

The Opportunities feature is a work in progress so there are more additions in the coming weeks.

Assigning Opportunities to Team Members

Opportunities allow you to assign them to any members of the team. This helps the team focus only on the ones assigned to them since the opportunities page has tabs based on the assignment of opportunities. 

By default, opportunities are assigned automatically to the owner of the inbox which was the email address used when the inbox was added.

To check the owner of the inbox, go to the inbox's general settings. If there's a need to change the owner of the inbox, simply select the dropdown menu.

Meanwhile, if there's a need to assign or unassign an opportunity to a different team member, simply open the opportunity and pick any team member.

In this case, the owner of this opportunity is Mariettest Morgana:

All opportunities assigned to your logon email address will be under the tab “Mine” so you can easily review and focus on the ones that need your attention.

The counter beside the tab "Mine" refers to the number of opportunities assigned to you, whether they are addressed or not.

The counter beside the "Opportunities" tab on the left sidebar menu refers to all opportunities assigned to you that need to be addressed.

Addressing Opportunities

All the opportunities that are still bold mean that they need to be replied to.

Note: Simply opening the opportunity will not unbold an opportunity.

To address an opportunity, click it from the opportunities list and then, click Reply

After replying to an opportunity, you will be redirected back to the list of opportunities assigned to you, where you can see that the opportunity you just replied to is no longer in bold. 

Selecting an Inbox to Send Emails From

If you would like to change the inbox to send a reply from, reply to an opportunity and select the "From" email address. It will give you a list of inboxes to choose from.

Snoozing opportunities

If an opportunity doesn’t need your attention yet, you can snooze it so you can focus on the opportunities that need to be replied to immediately.

To snooze an opportunity, click it from the list of opportunities. Within the opportunity, click the clock icon.

Then, from the pop-up window, choose until when the opportunity must be snoozed. You can choose tomorrow, or next week, or pick a specific date and time.

Snoozed opportunities will not show on your list until the snooze ends or until the prospect sends another reply.

To access all your snoozed opportunities, just click the checkbox “View Snoozed.”

To unsnooze an opportunity, go to it and click "Unsnooze."

Marking an Opportunity as Pending (Mark as Read)

If you would like to mark an opportunity as read, simply mark it as pending. Doing so will put the opportunity at the bottom of the list and will remove the Bold Text from the subject so that the reply can be easily differentiated.

Marking Opportunities as Won or Lost

Each Opportunity can be marked as Won or Lost, to easily identify and close potential opportunities. Marking the Opportunity will add the corresponding label next to the Prospects name.

Adding Notes to Opportunities

Notes are internal memos that can be added to any opportunity. 

To add a note to the conversation, from the Opportunity click on the Add Note button.

This will open a text editor where you will be able to edit the text and add a note directly in the conversation thread.

Handling Opportunities in Bulk

If you would like to Snooze, Archive, Assign, Unassign, or delete multiple opportunities at the same time, this can be done with the use of Bulk actions.

To select Opportunities for a Bulk action, simply press the check-box and use the Selection button to select all prospects from This or All Pages.

Once selected, press the Action button, and select the desired Bulk Action.

Viewing Original Email

By default, the Opportunities page will display the readable version of the email with the full subject and the message contained in the body of the email. However, it's also possible to view the original email in full.

This can be done by clicking on the three dots '...' positioned in the top-right corner of each opportunity, and by clicking on the 'Show Original' button. This action will result in a pop-up window opening, revealing the source of the email.

Status Bar

Whenever there is a change to the status of the opportunity, the change will be logged and displayed in a status bar.

A status bar will appear on top of the last opportunity, showing whether the opportunity was changed to Active, Pending, Won, Lost, or assigned to a different team member.

Replying to LinkedIn messages

When using the LinkedIn automation feature, the LinkedIn account will be automatically scanned for replies. The replies are then collected and displayed on the Opportunities page, allowing direct responses to LinkedIn messages.

Weekly Opportunity Report

To keep track of active Opportunities it's possible to set the workspace to send out automatic weekly reports directly to the email address.

To activate Weekly Opportunities reports, head to Settings -> Replies and press the "Opportunity Report" checkbox.

Once checked, a time selector will appear. Choose your preferred time and day of the week for when you would like to receive reports.

We'll then automatically send you a concise email summarizing the latest opportunities collected during the week.

Note: Opportunities that are archived or snoozed won't show on the report